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Protect patients

The NHS as you know it is in severe danger, and that means patient care is suffering. It's their health service, they deserve a say in it.


Ensure long-term funding for quality care for all

Despite a £30 billion funding gap the government are insisting on unachievable efficiency savings while demands on services are only going up.


Block contract reforms

New contract proposals would force overstretched juniors and consultants into dangerous work patterns for less pay.

Ensure safe staffing numbers

There aren't enough nurses or allied healthcare professionals to provide safe 24/7 quality care. Proper funding is needed to recruit and retain frontline staff.

Your opinion matters

This is not about any one party, it's about protecting the existence of the NHS for all of us.

Matt Mayer, GP,

We do not need to stand in isolation, we can work together and support each other in order to raise the profile of our profession.

Amanda Martin, Radiographer,

I've got no faith in any political party to fix the problem, I think we all need to be prepared to pay a bit extra to support the NHS.

Carlton Hall, Patient ,

Cuts in GP trainee pay will put NHS patients at risk, and will only increase the recruitment and retention crisis.

Zoe Norris, GP,