Patients, public and professionals are coming together to safeguard the future survival of our NHS.

NHS Survival is an umbrella group bringing together patients, public and professionals to call for action to ensure the survival of our National Health Service. We want every group that is concerned about the NHS to stand together to ensure a safe, sustainable health service for future generations. We are a non-profit making, non-partisan group that wants to put the NHS above politics and personal agendas.

An unsustainable situation due to possible chronic underfunding from Governments - patients’ medical needs not being met, an exhausted workforce, funding so tight vacancies can’t be filled, a concerned public.

If we do nothing - the NHS will continue to struggle. Patient safety will be compromised, the most vulnerable groups suffer first, demoralised staff leave en-masse, the NHS will cease to be sustainable

If we take action - we must recognise there isn't a coherent long-term plan for the NHS currently. We need to talk honestly about what needs to change. We must end the uncertainty and short term planning. We must put patient care above politics.

Patients, public, professionals together - We all have a role to play in the future of the NHS. All of us need our voices heard without fear, and we need all political parties to listen.

Our NHS is a wonder of the world, and the envy of many other countries - yet it faces many challenges.

We need to ensure a long-term plan is made for funding safe, sustainable 7-day services throughout the NHS, working in step with social care. We need to ensure care continues to be safe, appropriate, and tailored to patients’ need. We need to ensure the NHS remains representative of and accountable to patients. The NHS must continue to recruit and retain sufficient numbers of motivated staff so the NHS is kept safe.

Decisions about the NHS are currently being made with short-term vision, little cross-party consensus and almost no recourse to evidence. 

As patients, public, and professionals, we are coming together to try to safeguard our NHS.