We’re calling for an independent Commission into an NHS & Social Care fit for Patients, Public, and Professionals. Made up of academics, patient groups, healthcare professionals, Royal Colleges and representatives from all major parties (with all members being free of competing interests), we will push all the main political parties to commit to its conclusions.

A new and independent Commission would allow a long-term plan for the NHS to be made by patients, public and professionals - not politicians.

The Commission would use evidence-based research to make recommendations on 5 key points:

1. Proper Funding - for a safe, sustainable NHS for generations to come

2. Safety First - ensuring sufficient staff and funding to protect patients 

3. Dignified Care - tailored to patients

4. Your NHS - accountable to the public, for the public

5. Staff – ensuring safe working hours & a motivated, sustainable workforce

What is a Commission?

A Commission is a select group of people appointed by the Government to investigate a matter of important public concern and to make recommendations on any actions to be taken. For example, the 1991 Royal Commission on Criminal Justice heard from over 600 groups and individuals, commissioned 22 pieces of research - and led to the 1995 Criminal Appeal Act and the creation of the Criminal Cases Review Commission.

A Commission can make objective, non-political recommendations which will be the starting point of a new partnership between patients, public and professionals to work with politicians and form an NHS for the future.

The goalposts can’t keep moving every 5 years.

We have to take a new and more open approach. The onus on the Government is then to explain fully why they wouldn’t choose to participate in this process, why they would deviate from any recommendations, and on NHS staff and respective unions to do the same.

This would transform our NHS but in a more sustainable way - ensuring it is kept available for all.