Caroline Flint MP (Lab) - #nhscommission debate quotes 2 of 2:

"The central point of the motion is funding... We have never had that proposition because it is not within the mix of a general election. In the bustle and the back and forth, a debate on that has not been allowed to happen. We, as politicians, are to blame."


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Caroline Flint MP (Lab) - #nhscommission debate quotes page 1 of 2:

"Today’s NHS bears no comparison with that created some 60 years ago. We need to face up to change and importantly, as part of that, to help people to cope with change, because that can be frightening. We want a better and stronger NHS, but let us also have a smarter NHS. I hope that Government and Opposition Front Benchers will respond positively to the proposal."

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Dr Sarah Wollaston MP (Cons) - #nhscommission debate quotes: 

"I call on the Government to consider very carefully working with our Opposition partners at scale and at pace to bring forward an agreement on how we will bring more money into the system as a whole, and in the meantime, to make sure that the money we do spend is spent in the best interests of patients."

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