NHS Survival has announced a new lobbying platform that allows registered users to easily e-mail Members of Parliament and Peers in the House of Lords.

Registered users of nhssurvival.org can now use the simple platform to search from all UK MPs using their postcode and send personalised e-mails to them. Also available is a list of all Peers in the House of Lords.

The new lobbying platform is part of NHS Survival's Phase 2 lobbying campaign to call for a Royal Commission for the NHS. All registered users are invited to log in to the website, navigate to the Action page, and use the inbuilt form to send an e-mail quickly and easily to ask for support for a Royal Commission.

Suggested paragraphs for the e-mails are available including:

For a modern NHS to survive, there must be long term planning and a true consensus. I wish to discuss with you the call by the group NHS Survival for an independent Royal Commission on the NHS. This Royal Commission would consist of patient groups, healthcare professionals, academics, Royal Colleges, NHS employers and representatives from all major parties (all members being free of competing interests).

The Royal Commission would review how healthcare is provided in the UK, allowing everyone to understand what is really happening, and identify independently the way forward and how to sustainably fund it.

There is huge uncertainty about whether the NHS will still be sustainable in 5 or 10 years time, which doesn’t help patients or staff. I believe a Royal Commission would ease fears amongst patients, rally staff, and move the NHS - its professionals, the public and politicians - forward together.




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