Dr Zoe Norris, an NHS Survival founding member, has gone viral again with a heartbreaking letter to her daughter, highlighting the utter dedication and drive it takes to be a GP in today's pressured and underfunded system.

In her letter, published in the Huffington Post, Dr Zoe Norris writes candidly to her youngest daughter. She wrote: "I spend my days trying to help people at work. I try to make them better, and that is a wonderful job to have. But when Mummy is late again because she is helping poorly people, it means I'm not there to help you. Part of being a doctor is putting other people first, but sometimes Mummy gets that wrong."

Many readers have read and shared the extraordinary letter, some saying they had been reduced to tears. Dr Rachel Clarke wrote in reply "I hope you can survive being torn in both directions, and that you might manage to stay in the NHS without it breaking you. So often, I fear I may not."

The touching letter goes on to say "But now, [medicine is] not the best job anymore. It's really hard and sometimes it makes Mummy cry. Now I go to work and all I do is wish I wasn't there. When I have you and your sister to miss, when the news on the radio says Mummy isn't working hard enough, when the poorly person I see says I earn too much, when they shout and swear at me, then suddenly it doesn't seem worth being away from you for that."





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