The momentum is gathering and many hundreds of concerned public and professionals have been using our free platform to write to their MPs. Here we share some examples of what you have been saying.


To Simon Kirby MP for Brighton Kemp Town, Conservative

We want to start a revolution, and the key is in that word, revolution - we want to turn the NHS around, 180 degrees, from a politically-charged crumbling system threatened by collapse, to a thriving, consistent, high-quality service that we can continue to be proud of. The NHS has been here 67 years - we're not about to let it die on our watch."

This is gaining huge popularity amongst, not only my medical, nursing and allied colleagues, but also all our friends and families.

The Conservatives will lose a lot of support over the issue of the NHS. I now don't know anyone who would vote Conservative any more.

Please do the right thing and support a Royal Commission on the NHS.


To Nick Clegg MP for Sheffield Hallam, Lib Dem

It seems that the NHS in its current form is not working, and the system for making decisions about its future is fundamentally broken, regardless of the political party in government. I have experience as a patient of the NHS, having had to use my GP and attend physiotherapy clinics often.

There is record low staff retention amongst nurses, paramedics and junior doctors. Not to mention the GP crisis. There seems to be no priority in making medium and long term viable plans for the NHS. This money may be better spent tackling the significant crisis facing mental health services, just to name one!

All this on the backdrop of £22 billion of efficiency savings which are simply unachievable.


To James Burlace MP for Sevenoaks, Conservative

The retention and nurturing of this home-grown talent is key to the world class services the NHS purports to offer. She, like so many, has invested thousands of pounds and even more man-hours in her career (and continues to do so through training and 'goodwill hours') in a service that she considers to be slipping ever closer to eventual privatisation. The changes to weekend hours will result in a noticeable cut to 'real-terms' pay while she continues to miss out on family milestones (birthdays, weddings, etc.) to help others. That's not forgetting the ongoing professional costs of her career, registrations, training and exams - all of which she is expected to accomplish for less pay. The medical professionals we train and employ are among the best in the world - that is fact. It costs hundreds of thousands of pounds to train each and every one only for them to leave as soon as they can to practice abroad. Can you honestly say that this is the impression you want to give to potential new recruits into the health service?

My final thought is of the MP's recent 10% payrise - please do enjoy it.


To Sadiq Khan MP for Tooting and London Mayoral Candidate, Labour

I am distressed by the news I am hearing about negotiations for the new Junior Doctor contract, especially the changing of 'antisocial' hours, and the removal of banding resulting in ~30% reduction of pay.

I have just spent a year abroad outside of the NHS, and it has made me realise how under-staffed, under-resourced, and over-worked I am as a junior doctor. I love the medicine part of my job, but I certainly don't like these aspects of the job. To combine this general under-appreciation with a pay cut would make me seriously reconsider my decision to stay in the UK and in the NHS. Medicine is an incredibly transferable skill and having seriously enjoyed my temporary year outside the NHS, I am seriously wondering why I don't make it permanent.

I would urge you to not support these new proposals, and to lobby the Secretary of Health to reconsider unilaterally imposing this new contract. There is only so much goodwill the NHS can run on, and I am worried Jeremy Hunt will test it to destruction. 


To Fiona MacTaggart MP for Slough, Labour

As a junior doctor working and living in Slough, I have grave concerns regarding the provision of healthcare for our patients both locally and nationwide. With news of plans to further impose salary reductions (up to 30% for doctors) and redefining 'routine' hours as 7am-10pm Monday to Saturday, staff morale and job retention is at its lowest. It is so severe that doctors nationwide are considering striking - something previously unthinkable for us. Despite this, I fear that without more decisive action we will continue to see the values and foundations of NHS being eroded beyond redemption, resulting in a compromise of patient safety and access to care. Eventually this may lead to our healthcare being increasingly privatised and a loss of access for the vulnerable.

I write to you to ask that you to consider backing the call by the NHS Survival group to form an independent Royal Commission on the NHS.

This group would consist of patient groups, healthcare professionals, academics, Royal Colleges, NHS employers and representatives from all major parties (all members being free of competing interests). 



If you would like to write to your MP, please register with NHS Survival. It's free and easy. Then go to the Action page and use the free lobbying system.


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